Timaaj Hassen is a Black, Muslim, woman that works as a Poet, Spoken Word Artist, and Arts & Anti-Oppression Educator. Timaaj is a second generation Canadian born to Oromo and Harari parents. Drawing upon both lived experience and her educational background– as a Bachelor of Arts Candidate in Women & Gender Studies at the University of Toronto– her work is grounded in social justice, critical equity, and diaspora. She has spoken, performed, and facilitated workshops in various events across Southern Ontario. Timaaj drives to continue to do advocacy work with racialized, queer, differently abled, and Muslim communities; be it through art, community discussions, or in solidarity with front line organizers.

Instagram: @floeticjustice_

In collaboration with Fruition Collective, Timaaj Hassen will be facilitating a closed QTBI healing workshop entitled “Art as Radical Self-Love” on Sunday, October 25th, 2020 at 3:00 PM. Event is for QTBI folks by RSVP only.