Sultana Bambino is a Tio’tia:ke (Montreal)-born, and Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary creator. As a firm anti-imperialist, she sees the act of design as a means to communicate about and reflect upon injustice and tyranny under late capitalism. As a triple fire sign, virgo-dominant, Moroccan-Italo dyke, she creates work that is inspired by community, family, and meaningful connection in an in­creas­ing­ly isolating world.  As an avid believer in the transformative potential of art, she views it as an integral component to resistence, and co-created Slut Island with Frankie Teardrop in 2013. Her skills and knowledge compounded with her dedication to anti-oppressive community networks drive the festival’s visual language. Through her years of experience with Slut Island, she has acquired additional skills in the likes of copy writing and festival programming. Outside of Slut Island, Sultana works full time in her field, and is also a tattoo artist and resident volunteer graphic designer for the Black Healing Fund.