Sultana Bambino

Sultana Bambino is a Montreal based multidisciplinary creator based in Tio’tia:ke (Montreal). She sees the act of design and photography as a ritualistic outlet to reflect on her emotionally laborious role in her Italo-Moroccan family and immediate community. While she identifies as versatile and adaptable, she is most known for her use of pastel gradients and primary colour blocking, illustrations of hands and portraits / characters of underground queer icons.

As a visual artist who views design as an important component/tool for social change, she co-founded Slut Island with Frankie Teardrop in 2013. Her skills and knowledge compounded with her dedication to anti-oppressive community networks lead her to cultivation of the festival’s branding and aesthetic. Through her years of experience with Slut Island, she has acquired additional skills in the likes of PR and festival programming/curation with a consistent dedication to supporting community growth and mobilizing for greater social reform both within and beyond the project.