After the success of his EP launch, Ryan Anthony Robinson, otherwise known as R. Flex, delivers IN & OUT. Noted by his peers for its unique sound , R. Flex delivers a well-versed world where electronica marries. Featuring production from A-Fos and Zlender, R. Flex employs his songwriting and vocals to storytelling heights. Tales of voyeurism, role playing, and infidelity haunt the EP in ways that are simultaneously personal and anthemic.

Starting his music career first interrupting Noise Level’s creations in 2014, he’s gone on to release two mixtapes, collaborated with a myriad of artists (A-Fos, Zlender, Tush, James Bailey, Staasia Daniels, Positive Journey, Noise Level, Ian Doig-Phaneuf, Worldcatcher, and Jale O’Haara) and has begun to carve out a name for himself within the indie r&b scene in Toronto.

R.Flex will be performing on Saturday, July 28 2018 at Le Ritz P.D.B.

Soundcloud: r-flex001

Facebook: rflexmusic

Twitter: r_flexmusic

Instagram: @r_flexmusic

WordPress: rflexmusic