I am Precious Ebony an International Commentator from the underground ballroom scene which started in NYC. In 2014 I built the confidence to open my mouth and say something and when I did great things started to happen! I’m just a regular ole girl from the Bronx of New York City Who loves music, dancing and anything involved with it. I’m a writer, musical artist and YouTube personality. One day someone handed me a microphone and then Boom I get a phone call from Nike saying hey we want you to do a voiceover for an upcoming NIKE commercial. And most recently I have signed on to be a main cast member for Viceland newest show titled My House!  The sky’s the limit and I’m going to leave my mark on the world.

Instagram: jusss_precious

Precious will be MC-ing the Zodiac Vogue Ball on Friday, July 19 2019 at The Decade Building.