“Nivram”is a diy experimental music project started in 2017 in Surrey and Vancover BC, which is where they grew up. Nivram makes music about Fear,their ancestors, breaking free of generational trauma, love songs about people and things that they once knew or was and Things they have seen and also never have seen but have experienced. When asked about who they make music for Nivram answered “I hope that when black alternative kids who are constantly having to be in spaces where they do not see themselves hear my Stuff or see my work they feel somewhat of a connection because that’s literally who I do this for, apart from myself ofc” outside of Nivram they venture in other creative work and have recently founded an Art collective called Unity which is a space/platform for bipoc queer and trans people in Canada.

Soundcloud: nvrm

Nivram’s set will be broadcasted here (on the slutislandfestival.com homepage) on Friday, October 16th 2020 at 10:30 PM EST as part of the HUMBLE showcase.