A spiritual free being, with a fearless attitude on the beat. Lia is a 20 years old Canadian female artist who has talent for creating infectious atmospheres with mystery around her music. Born and raised in Ottawa’s south side, the music she creates reflects on her environment as a youth, and discovering herself as a young adult.

Lia Kloud has been making huge noise up North, she has worked non stop dropping meaningful visuals and music while developing her long-term fanbase. From a city known for harsh winters and blistering summers, Lia Kloud harnesses her environment to create songs that pull you in with the perfect balance of polarization.

Watch / listen: Lia Kloud – No Destination

Lia Kloud’s set will be broadcasted here (on the slutislandfestival.com homepage) on Saturday, October 17th 2020 at 10:00 PM EST.