Black Folks Don’t Swim? Is a soulful Black music machine from space that must be pronounced with the upswing inflection common to any great question pondered by minds of the time. Led by a core ensemble of  BlaQueers, their music floats through a myriad of liberating sonic traditions including Blue note jazz, polyrhythmic future funk, Shout! and the Neo Soul of Rhythm and Blues. Based within the DC Metro area, their soulful arrangements resonate in venues where artistic expression lives and breathes and they collectively continue to expand their magnetic energy locally globally. Black Folks Don’t Swim? is not a statement, rather an intentional prompt to examine the thought processes and conditioning of popular beliefs and the power structures that be.



Black Folks Don’t Swim? Come Correct Live at NextNow Fest 2019

Theme 22

Soundcloud: blackfolksdontswim

Instagram: @blackfolksdontswim

Black Folks Don’t Swim?’s set will be broadcasted here (on the homepage) on Thursday, October 15th, 2020 at 9:30 PM EST.

Photos by: Mango Angeles, Your Topic Studio