Slut Island 2020 Broadcast Archive

Peach Purée (De Pêches)
by Elle Barbara's Black Space

Debut: 11/20/2020

Elle Barbara
Syana Barbara
Chivengi Barbara
Loïk Thélot
Grapes Mars
Fofo Barbara
Chris Barbara
Nevada Barbara
Imani Khalifa

Hair: Sultana Bambino Makeup: Nevada Barbara; Micaela Alleyne; Imani Khalifa Executive Producer: Frankie Tear Production Assistants: Odile Myrtil; Sultana Bambino Color Correction: Messingwithue Cinematography: Anna Arrobas Creative Facilitation, Camera and Cut by: K089
Black Folks Don't Swim?
Broadcast: 10/15/2020

Tha beings of Black Folks Dont Swim? found alignment in September 2020 to safely gather and kick soulful sounds in the legendary DC venue the House of Secrets 4 Slut Island Fest MTL.

Playing personnel:
- Kailasa A. On lead Vox
- Ashante Universe + Najah Milan on Supporting Vox
- Drew Kid on Keyboards
- Nithin Venkatraman on guitar
- DeZ McNeil aka _Qisum on tha drums
- Sweets on tha Bass

Shot by Asha Santee Sound by Rhythm Lingo Edited by Sweets on tha Bass Special thanks to: Bev Price, Zach, all the believers

Yours musically, Sweets + tha folks
Naïka Champaïgne
Broadcast: 10/15/2020

1. Soulight 2. The Moon and U
3. Flowers
4. Golden Islander
5. Golden Hours
6. Stevie Wonder - Isn't she lovely (cover)
7. Moonlight
8. Lovers
9. Teach me a lesson

Broadcast: 10/15/2020


Visuals edited by Jason Voltaire & Frankie Teardrop.
Broadcast: 10/16/2020

lead vocals, production (tracks 1-6) editing : Ntu
XDJs, production (track 7) : PHANTAZN
piano : Johnny Champagne
vocals : Jessica Howard
DP, lighting : Thomas Lange, assisted by Chloe Ramos
360 camera, lighting, editing : Zach Milonas
P&S camera, photography : Habiba Odogba

Special thanks to Miiv, Chivengi, Frankie Teardrop & Sultana Bambino.

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Broadcast: 10/16/2020

"Nivram"is a diy experimental music project started in 2017 in Surrey and Vancover BC, which is where they grew up. Nivram makes music about Fear,their ancestors, breaking free of generational trauma, love songs about people and things that they once knew or was and Things they have seen and also never have seen but have experienced. When asked about who they make music for Nivram answered "I hope that when black alternative kids who are constantly having to be in spaces where they do not see themselves hear my Stuff or see my work they feel somewhat of a connection because that's literally who I do this for, apart from myself ofc" outside of Nivram they venture in other creative work and have recently founded an Art collective called Unity which is a space/platform for bipoc queer and trans people in Canada.

Broadcast: 10/16/2020


Syana (PureMulato)
Broadcast: 10/16/2020

Syana (PureMulato) is a Montreal local DJ/Producer/Performer and multi-disciplinary artist. Born and raised in the city, the young artist always bases her sets on the experiences and culture she has seen not only in this city, but wherever she has travelled. Originally introduced into the nightlife through ballroom, Syana started her days in the now ex Kiki House of Disney and is now part of the idiosyncratic House of Barbara… You can find her in interviews, discussions and always at your local rave ;).

Lia Kloud
Broadcast: 10/17/2020

A spiritual free being, with a fearless attitude on the beat. Lia is a 20 years old Canadian female artist who has talent for creating infectious atmospheres with mystery around her music. Born and raised in Ottawa’s south side, the music she creates reflects on her environment as a youth, and discovering herself as a young adult.

Lia Kloud:

DJ Florezlaloca
Broadcast: 10/17/2020

Performed and Edited by Aura shot & recorded by Latasha Alcindor at Lytehaus Media Set by Aura Moreno and Latasha Alcindor
Instagram @aurafbaby
Twitter @aurafbaby
Strange Froots
Broadcast: 10/17/2020

00:00 The 3 Fates
05:41 Getcha Froot On
10:08 #SayHerName Again
15:16 Memo
21:13 Million
27:06 London Fog

Strange Froots is an “alternative chill-soul” trio formed in 2014 at NBS studio, a music centre for youths in Cote-des-Neiges. As the first all-fem initiative from the studio, the group is made up of musicians, beatmakers, MCs and singer-songwriters: Montrealers Naïka Champaïgne and SageS, and DMV-born Mags.
Sofia Fly
Broadcast: 10/17/2020

Sofia Fly is a DJ/Producer/Vocalist from Toronto. A Trans Woman and Queer nightlife Queen, she frequently DJs at some of the biggest Queer parties in Toronto and recently started her own party series called Bitchcraft. Named one of NOW Magazine’s “artists to watch in 2020”, her songs feature poetic party-girl lyrics set to a latin inspired fusion of trap and house music. She released her debut EP “Rosé” in 2019 available on all streaming platforms.

Broadcast: 10/24/2020

Diminishing Returns
Hoping No One Notice
Is An Island
Michelle Pfeiffer

Special Thanks:
Natalyn Daniels - Keys, Bass, Vocals
James Small - Drum set
Jordan Lewis - Videography
Jeff Kolhede - Recording Engineer
Michelle Campbell - MGMT
Eliza Kavtion
Broadcast: 10/24/2020

Eliza Kavtion is the performance vehicle of indigenous first nations Musician,performance and recording artist Eliza Kahero:ton Santos. Eliza’s work explores and exploits elements of modern indigenous life and its relation to Pop culture,spirituality and colonialist authority. Based in Drone, Blues and the avant-garde, Eliza has opened for experimental music luminaries such as Godspeed you! Black emperor, Keiji Haino and Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten)

Magi Merlin
Broadcast: 10/25/2020

Magi Merlin is a singer/songwriter based in Montreal. She Is inspired by Frank Ocean and other people that sound like Frank Ocean. She is very well-rounded. Despite her appearance, audiences should NOT expect Vegan straight-edge crust punk music! She is a fun & well-rounded Rnb singer who is very well-rounded and fun.