Discovered in 2017 through the track Plan$ recorded alongside rappers Flawless & Joe Rocca, Tyleen quickly attracts attention within the Montreal rap scene. Uninhibited and aware of her seductive power, Tyleen chooses to claim her feminine identity by appropriating unapologetically the codes of street culture similarly to her male counterparts.

Découverte en 2017 grâce au titre Plan$ enregistré aux côtés des rappeurs Flawless et Joe Rocca, Tyleen attire rapidement l’attention de la scène rap montréalaise. Originaire de l’arrondissement LaSalle, la jeune rappeuse prouve rapidement sa place au sein de la communauté rap anglophone, peu reconnue pour sa représentation féminine.

Listen: $HUT IT DOWN

Tyleen’s set will be broadcasted here (on the homepage) on SSaturday, October 17th 2020 at 11:00 PM EST.

Photos by Ryan Cardoso, Chloe Cusimano, Tyhara Angus, and Tyler Borchardt