Frankie Teardrop

Frankie Teardrop has been running events and DJing in Montreal since 2014. Originally from Vancouver, they were scouted to play varsity soccer for Concordia University. Three years into their Film Studies major at Concordia they were hit with the unfortunate realization that there is very little to no funding or sponsorships in sports for women and were forced to quit and start working in order to pay for school. Within their last year of university they became involved in Faggity Ass Friday’s volunteering committee.

They quickly became inspired by parties that held so space for LGBTQ folks and felt it was necessary to begin doing even more of these kind of events at Cabaret Playhouse (where Faggity was held). This is where they founded LIP and co-founded Slut Island Festival. LIP is an ongoing queer-centered party series that takes place in various venues and after hours locations around the city, their mandate has stayed consistent throughout the years as they prioritize marginalized artists within the local and international DJ scenes. Teardrop has found promoting and throwing their own events a useful tool and platform as a queer non-binary person to become recognized as a DJ and has since mixed at events like Piknic Electronik, S.A.T Domesicle parties, Technofeminism (NYC), Babes on Babes (Vancouver), Bodyheat (Vancouver) and more.