Big Sissy

The witch from Black Starr planet, BiG SiSSY is an over the top portrayal of raw sexuality; a gender-bending, booty bouncing, perversion of funk, fully equipped with an arsenal of pop music. Reports from live shows describe BiG SiSSY collecting audience funds in the name of reparations for the descendants of enslaved Black people, spankings by raw bacon, pubic hair removal and menstrual blood.

Voted Cult Montreal’s Freakiest Musical act 2019/2018, BiG SiSSY has been featured in VICE magazine’s online publication, Rhubarb Festival, Vancouver Queer Arts Festival and Revolution They Wrote. She has shared the stage with artists including John Cameron Mitchell and Dai Burger. It should be noted that BiG SiSSY’s music, media and live shows performed across Canada and New York city, have been known to inspire feelings of gayness in audiences.

BiG SiSSY will be the host/MC for the showcases taking place on Thursday, July 18 at Le Ritz PDB and Saturday, July 20 at the Phi Centre.