Aumar, the surrogate child of two sisters of the Bassa and Edo tribes of Cameroon and Nigeria….two halves of one whole, one whole of two halves. They reside in a fortress made of ebony in which dreams of the goddess of darkness are actualized. The storm after the calm, Aumar’s birth from splits via mitosis began with a scream crystallized into coded messages from the divine; it is a chemical that burns ivory bones into ashes. A liminal entity that comes back together as a means of survival in whatever form it pleases whenever it pleases. Aumar transcends physical and digital space but has the potential to exist in both at varied times or at the same time — a baby born to bust genres and to nurture them at the same time, a figure 8 announcing the monarch butterfly’s reincarnation.


AuMar will be performing on Friday, July 27th at Le Ritz P.D.B.